3 Action Steps You Can Take Today to Show Up Consistently

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May 8, 2023
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July 11, 2023

3 Action Steps You Can Take Today to Show Up Consistently

We’ve heard or experienced online dating disasters where the person you meet doesn’t look anything like their profile picture. You are immediately confused upon meeting them. You don’t hear a word they say because you’re distracted thinking to yourself – are they really this out of touch with reality?

Now think about having the same experience with someone you’ve worked with virtually. You get to know them online but are then shocked when you met them in person.

Maybe it was their body language, posture, or hand gestures that threw you off. Maybe it was the way they spoke or interacted with others that felt disconnected.

Influence requires consistency – no matter the medium. Yet, before attending our workshop, only 57% of participants felt confident in their ability to consistently interact in different settings. That means before training, half of those we asked were distracting their listeners by showing up differently in person than online.

In a virtual environment, listeners only see what we show them – which is confined into a small tile on the screen. In person, they see it all – our body language, movement of our eyes, posture and gestures.

If you want people to hear and understand your message rather than be distracted by your inconsistency, consider doing these three actions during your virtual calls:

  1. Stand up and step back from your computer. Let your listeners observe your body posture, positioning and hand gestures.


  1. Keep the camera position level with your eyes so you aren’t looking up or down when you speak.


  1. Dress for the day. How you would prepare for an in-person meeting is how you need to show up for a virtual call.


Consider how you show up next time you meet someone virtually. Will their experience engaging with you be the same as those you meet in-person? O

If you want to influence others, consistency is key.


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