Discipline Creates Freedom

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September 25, 2023
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October 23, 2023

Discipline Creates Freedom


Think back to when you first learned to drive a car. You may have been nervous or uncertain. It felt uncomfortable and maybe even a little scary. You had to think about every control, dial, peddle and movement. In no way were you prepared or skilled enough to accelerate onto the highway. With practice and the discipline to repeat the motions over and over, you learned to drive.

Today when you get into a car, you don’t have to consciously think about where and how to use your brakes. Changing lanes comes second nature and knowing what controls to use while accelerating down an on ramp requires little thought. Communicating with influence is no different.

The momentum you create through deliberate practice is what creates habits. Habits become secondary actions that give us the freedom to move and adjust to our surroundings. Like an overconfident, novice driver, many believe they communicate with influence but lack the skills that provide the freedom to adequately adjust their messaging and delivery.

For example, before attending our sessions, only 67% of our clients felt confident in their ability to lead their virtual teams. Once practicing the skills they learned in our training, 87% felt confident in their abilities.

Like driving, communication skills must be practiced with discipline until they become second nature. Only when they become habit can we learn to master the next skill. With time, communication skills become such a natural part of how we respond that we have the freedom to focus on the message and adjust to our listeners’ needs.

If you desire the freedom that comes with real influence, you must first learn, practice, and maintain the discipline to instill the habits to drive forward to success.



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