Invest in your leadership – and transform your executive presence


As a seasoned executive, your influence skills have gotten you this far.  Now the stakes are higher.  Whether you are preparing for a board meeting, a big sales event, a meeting with investors, a virtual conversation, or are simply ready to up your game, Stacey Hanke, Inc. provides tailored executive mentoring to get you to the next level.

How it works

Prior to the scheduled mentoring session, a phone consultation will take place. The purpose is to identify:

  • Your influence strengths and areas of improvement
  • Objectives and expectations
  • Past training and mentoring experience


Your growth, your agenda

  • Increase effectiveness during every interaction. Learn through video recording, constructive feedback and practice on delivery skills and content.
  • See through the eyes and ears of your listeners when you communicate.
  • Learn how to design messages that move people to act.
  • Understand and practice Executive Presence with confidence and credibility, Monday to Monday.®
  • Strengthen your leadership capabilities in impromptu situations.
  • Video recordings incorporated throughout the session provide you the opportunity to practice and apply the skills that are taught. (Exercises will be tailored to your real-world examples.)

Your plan, your schedule

Virtual Mentoring

  • 90-minute sessions, twice a month, total of 6 sessions
  • Phone and video access between sessions
  • Strengthen influence skills to complement your communication style, day-to-day interactions, and expectations

The first step in mentoring is a phone consultation. Contact Stacey Hanke, Inc. to schedule that call and we’ll build the mentoring plan that’s right for you.

Who should attend?
This program is targeted to C-suite executives, vice presidents and directors who communicate organizational information to senior-level management, employees and clients.