Influence Redefined

Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday®

You may be surprised to discover YOU’RE NOT AS INFLUENTIAL AS YOU THINK YOU ARE.

Your team is only as strong as your influence, and many leaders today are mistaken about what it means to be influential. An outdated influence paradigm, along with technological devices and distractions, is making it increasingly challenging for leaders to reach those they need to influence in order to be successful. In fact, many leaders are unwillingly and unknowingly sabotaging themselves and their influence.

In her thought-provoking Influence Redefined, Stacey Hanke introduces her powerful Influence Model, a step-by-step method for improving communication and producing the ideal type of influence—one that moves people to action long after an interaction is over. She dispels the most common influence myths and instructs leaders on how to stop sabotaging themselves in order to leave a positive, lasting impression.


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  • "Influence Redefined is a must-read! From cover to cover, Stacey Hanke vividly illustrates the critical role of influence for today’s leaders through powerful anecdotes and personal experiences. This material has forever changed the way I think and communicate."

    PE, PMP–PMBP Program Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • "As an executive, I am frequently required to make presentations, and it is critical that my message be understood and implemented. The techniques shared in Influence Redefined were easy to learn and invaluable for my role as a leader. Now I know what it really takes to influence others to take action. I am more confident and much better positioned to speak publicly and to communicate with my executive committee."

    Executive Vice President, Kohl’s Department Stores
  • "Stacey Hanke offers a simple approach to influencing others that can be adapted to any leadership style. I have worked with Stacey for more than seven years in manufacturing and retail environments and have seen leaders completely change their ability to influence across an organization by utilizing the transformational techniques provided in this book. Thank you, Stacey, for helping leaders everywhere be more effective today and into the future."

    Director of Organizational Development, Briggs & Stratton
  • "In a rapidly changing and diverse world, never has influence been more critical. It marks the difference between what is real and lasting versus what is the subject of the moment and short lived. In Influence Redefined , Stacey Hanke highlights how today’s smart leaders can leave a lasting impact on listeners and avoid the pitfalls of technology."

    Chairman and CEO, Leo Burnett Worldwide
  • "Anyone interested in improving their ability to influence others should read this book! Stacey Hanke takes years of research and transforms it into a thought-provoking guide that is fun to read and easy to apply. I began putting her advice to work in less than twenty-four hours. As an added bonus, her Monday to Monday® concept inspires me to bring my ‘best self ’ to every future situation.”

    Director of Customer Financial Services, Coca-Cola

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