Invest in your company and enhance your team’s ability to communicate with influence


Coming from an entrepreneurial upbringing, Stacey learned early on how we consistently show up and interact determines our success in our organizations and in our lives. Starting with a career in voice-over, she quickly realized how every word matters - every movement of your body matters and every sound you make matters (volume, tone and inflection). All of these combined determines who listens, who stays connected with you, who believes you and then acts on your recommendation.

Stacey then jumped into the corporate world as a trainer for Fortune 500 companies, training every possible topic from motivation to customer service to leadership. She traveled internationally researching the difference between a leader who is influential versus a leader who’s simply a good communicator.

Today, Stacey is the CEO of a highly sought-after consulting and training company where she mentors leaders who want to ensure their employees perceive them as an influential leader – those who are working towards a promotion – and sales professionals to ensure their message and style resonates with their clients.

As a thought leader she has been a featured guest on media outlets including: The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive, SmartMoney Magazine, The Economist and Business Week. Her client list is vast: FedEx, McDonalds, Google, Kraft Heinz, Nationwide, American Express, Discover and Oracle. Her knowledge leading diverse, high-level teams makes her a sought-after speaker and consultant and she has inspired thousands around the world through her ability to connect with an audience and one-on-one.

Her 19 years of studying influence across cultures and industries, leading large corporate teams makes her the perfect fit for organizations large and small who are ready to influence on a consistent basis. Clients hire Stacey because of her implementable strategies that help leaders get to the point, communicate with confidence and credibility, to build trust and deliver messages that drive action, creating lasting results.


Ignite Connection in Your World


In our heavily distracted and dis-connected world, our ability to lead effectively, problem solve, and inspire connection is being tested every day. Communication is at the core of everything we do. Stacey’s engaging and fun keynote will give you the tools to communicate in a memorable way to influence action Monday to Monday®.

In this presentation, she shares how connection and consistency are critical to communicating with influence and impact. Connection is about creating a meaningful experience for your listener to influence them to take action. Consistency creates a reliable personal brand, allowing your listeners to trust that you will show up for them the same way, Monday to Monday. Together, connection and consistency create authenticity which builds trust. 

Your attendees will learn how to:

  • Influence others even when you’re not present. 
  • Build a consistent brand that differentiates you from the competition. 
  • Maintain continual growth in your ability to communicate with influence and impact.

This keynote is immediately actionable and gives you a structure to make sure it sticks. Stacey will help you to shift the way you communicate to ignite deeper connection and trust!

Success Stories

  • “I could not be happier with how the virtual training is going. I’m getting all 50+ salespeople through this year, and we’re changing our coaching forms and common agenda docs we use with clients to use and reinforce what the teams are learning. I’m very glad I decided to make this investment. I think this will pay big dividends for year to come.”

    National Sales V.P.
  • “I can unequivocally say that every one of my people has shown significant improvement in their communication skills already thanks to your virtual training.”
    Divisional Vice President
  • Stacey Hanke Inc has long been a valued partner in our leadership development initiatives. Because an important focus for us is helping our established and emerging leaders refine their influence skills, the Stacey Hanke Inc programs play an important role in our strategy. When face-to-face events were limited in 2020, Stacey Hanke Inc provided well-designed virtual solutions that were every bit as effective and engaging as the conventional classroom experience.”
    Milwaukee Tool
  • “I will be honest, I was nervous about how effective this course would be, given it was 100% virtual. The instructor did a wonderful job of keeping participants engaged and active despite us all being at different locations and having the "itch" to check-in on work.”
    Largest Public Accounting Fortune 100 Firm
  • “The Stacey Hanke, Inc. team demonstrates impeccable professionalism. Stacey and her team work fluidly with us to discuss and meet program objectives. They provide resources and options so we can continue to advance the skills of our workforce talent after the end of the initial session. Their workshop sessions have been described by our participants as the best training they ever received, which validates the success of our partnership with Stacey Hanke, Inc.”
    Sr. Proposal, Grant, Technical Writing and Language Services Team Manager
    Johnson Controls Inc.
  • “I have known and worked with Stacey for over a decade now. I came to know Stacey through a “Speak to Be Heard” program she offered that consistently got rave reviews at TransUnion. She has also coached members of my team and has been instrumental in making them effective and influential communicators. Stacey has a unique knack of cultivating talent and bringing out the best in people. I would highly recommend Stacey if you are looking to develop effective communication styles or hone communication skills for yourself or folks on your team. The return on your investment is guaranteed!”
    VP, Global Strategy & Corporate Development 
  • “Working with Stacey Hanke has helped me ensure that my audiences focus on my message, not on nervous quirks and filler words. Our team continues to go back to Stacey year after year to ensure we are having impact on both our staff and our members on a daily basis.”
    Director, Business Development 
    Credit Union National Association
  • “Stacey delivered beyond expectations. No-nonsense, practical, and powerful direction that immediately changed the way our members delivered their message to any audience. She drove home the value of consistent delivery of a message in every opportunity. From internal meetings and discussions, to formal speeches at conferences. Stacey’s session is discussed as one of the best of the past few years.”
    Taan Worldwide
  • I came in skeptical, believing this was just another two-day seminar that was impinging on my already full plate of work.  I spent two of the most worthwhile days of my career. I learned more about myself in two days than I would have ever believed possible. I am truly appreciative for having had the opportunity to see how small changes and stepping out of my comfort zone could result in such a huge impact.
    Senior Product Manager
    Cardinal Health
  • I was expecting a very boring, lecture-type seminar giving me presentation mechanics and low-value minutiae. It was far from that. The seminar was interactive, energetic, challenging and, dare I say, fun! I was extremely surprised by how much I was able to improve in just two days. The taping of presentations and one-on-one coaching was extremely helpful. Great investment of my time and my company’s resources.
    Director of Service- Americas
    Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
  • Stacey is a top-notch public-speaking coach and teacher. She and her team have a solid and proven method for teaching us how to be the best communicators we can be. I experienced that training first-hand and continue to see tangible improvements in my speaking style and methods. Her strategies work, and as a result, we have had her return a number of times to share her training methods with as many people as we can at here at Johnson Controls. I highly recommend her and her team.
    Manager, Specialty Markets and Products, Americas
    Johnson Controls
  • Stacey demonstrates all of what she teaches and is immediately engaging. My communication skills were transformed and confidence boosted in only two days. I took away skills that I use every day, at work and at home.
    Innovation Catalyst
    Johnson Controls
  • I highly recommend Stacey Hanke, Inc. They’re clearly talented and experienced communication experts. They bring an effective approach to improving the skills of their clients without attempting to change their client’s communication style. They demonstrated a unique ability to quickly and easily connect with our group, which established instant credibility in their work. I left with techniques that can be applied immediately in practice.
    Client Portfolio Manager 
    Loomis Sayles & Company, L.P.
  • Thanks to your practical skills and techniques on enhancing my communication, my panel discussion went great! Wow, as I sat throughout the morning and watched the other panels I noticed so many distractions and problems as these individuals spoke. Your tips helped immensely, and helped me to convey confidence and knowledge in what I was speaking about.
    Executive Production Manager – Quality Control
    Leo Burnett USA, Incorporated
  • As a detail-oriented engineer, my communication skills need a lot of polishing. Stacey Hanke, Inc. quickly pointed out my strengths and yet focused on the areas where I could improve to further engage my audience. For those like me, who present or speak only on occasion, this training is a must. The class is fun and is the first step in gaining the confidence you need to deliver your thoughts and to make your point. In this class, I have learned that even the most confident speakers need to prepare their materials and focus on what is important. At Wrigley, this training is one example where everyone, at any age or experience level, can further develop their job skills.
    Principal Mechanical Engineer
    Wm Wrigley Jr Co of Mars Inc.
  • This highly interactive workshop focused on powerful skills and techniques to enhance and maximize my abilities to be more effective as a leader and communicator. Within the same day, I - along with my fellow attendees - could see remarkable results by simply applying the learned behaviors. Stacey Hanke, Inc.’s engaging delivery and coaching style left all of us attending the workshop wanting more!
    Vice President – Merchandise Presentation
  • One of the unique skills you and your team bring is the ability to demonstrate each of the communication techniques. It made the material more credible and believable to the audience, since they could see firsthand how effective the communication techniques are. The immediate change in their behavior was amazing. We were fully engaged from start to finish!
    Vice President
    Coca-Cola Refreshments
  • Stacey not only provides clear, valuable instruction in a way all attendees find accessible, but she also actively practices every skill she teaches. I have been a trainer for 17 years and I can honestly say that I have never experienced the level of skill and professionalism that Stacey possesses and passes on to each attendee.
    Director of Learning Events
    Credit Union National Association, Incorporated
  • Within the same day, I could see remarkable results. Your engaging delivery left all of us wanting more!
    Vice President- Merchandise Presentation
  • I entered Stacey’s presentation inhibited by self-doubt – but left determined and with a toolbox of actionable, practical methods for improving the way I communicate.
    Associate Creative Director
    Leo Burnett
  • The audience could see firsthand how effective the communication techniques are. The immediate change in their behavior was amazing.
    Vice President
    Coca-Cola Refreshments